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DocCheck® is a identification service for medical professionals. The DocCheck®-Password is for free and allows you to access websites that contain information meant for medical professionals only.

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Please note that the following pages contain information on prescription-only drugs. Under German consumer protection law, Fresenius Kabi must not make this information accessible to individuals who are not member of the medical or pharmaceutical professions. Accordingly, we have restricted the access to the following pages and invite you to register for an user-id and a password. We assure you that registrations will be processed immediately. All personal information you may choose to supply will be handled in accordance with German and international standards of privacy.

Fresenius Kabi may not market products on which information is posted within these pages in your country and therefore may not have a local marketing authorization. In this case, please note that Fresenius Kabi has no intent to promote products outside of countries where Fresenius Kabi holds marketing authorizations.

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  2. 2 fax us the identification format stated below to the following number:
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  • doctors and pharmacists: a copy of your approbation, bar registration or a copy of your business card together with a copy of an invoice.
  • medical students: a copy of your students card
  • other medical professionals and employees in the pharmaceutical industry: a letter of confirmation from your employer that on account of your occupation you have access to information on prescriptive drugs
As soon as we have received your identification format we will provide you with the required password.

With your submission of these data you confirm that the details given are truthful. The details given are subject to data protection and are not accessible to any third parties.